Among all the new and dreamy eyed artists that make their way into Nashville’s booming music scene, it’s Savannah Lynne that has won and held the spot of Indie Music Channel’s “Female Country Teen Artist of the Year” for three consecutive years (2012 - 2015). Growing up on the Hawaiian Islands, Savannah was exposed to many types of music, but was always drawn to Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Reba.

So after making the jump to the West Coast and touring for years, Savannah Lynne and her family knew there was only one music city for a country girl to settle. Nashville, TN. In 2014, they made Nashville home, ready to embrace the next steps of her career.

At 14 years old Savannah Lynne released her first EP, “Aloha Nashville” marking her leap from Hawaii to the heart of the country music scene. Savannah Lynne’s dedication to music pushed her into studying college level music theory and engineering while finishing out middle school. Her pursuit of excellence is not isolated to music alone. Savannah graduated high school at the young age of 16, and is currently attending college for music business while recording her sophomore album.

Music companies such as Taylor Guitars, Mogami, Kyser, Heil Mics, Capturing Couture, caught onto Savannah Lynne’s success starting when she was only 13. She also found success in Hollywood; two of her songs were placed in the Hollywood movie "Reach Me" starring Sylvester Stallone and Kyra Sedgwick. Savannah continued to climb through her high school years playing over a 100 live shows per year including iconic venues such as The Bluebird Café, Dodger Stadium, The Whiskey, Petco Park, Staples Center, Kauffman Field, FedEx Forum, and many more.

She is driven. She personally solders each cable in her studio along with the cables for her tours…. for goodness sake. All the while, Savannah Lynne dedicates time to her fans, her family and studies.

Playing It Forward... Savannah Lynne partnered with the Semper Fi Fund to help raise money for injured Marines and their families. In fact a 100% of the sales from "Pickbandz" items go directly to the Semper Fi Fund. Somehow, she still finds time writing personal songs for terminally ill children for the "Songs of Love" organization.

When pairing Savannah Lynne’s consistent character and with her relentless work ethic, it will be an exciting time watching her continue her climb to the top...